The object has been constructed on time despite very cold winter. Works have been realized even in temperatures of -15 Celsius degrees below zero. Installation was very complicated as the whole object is located above used railway tracks. Strictly installation works have been realized only during 5 night hours as only the railway power supply was turned off. The object included almost 500 prefabricated elements. Pekabex range included columns, beams, HC slabs, TT slabs, and floors steel structure. One of the interesting things is that some floors have been hydraulically lifted to their final position.


IKEA SHOP building located in Wrocław, Czekoladowa Street, Bielany Wrocławskie, Kobierzyce municipality. The object area is approx. 37,000 m2. Installation took 3.5 months and included over 3,200 prefabricated elements, including columns, beams, HC slabs, TT slabs, walls, stair flights and landings. The object has been realized with use of our installation method, i.e. we installed floors consisting of carrying beams and HC slabs in cascade arrangement. That method consists in simultaneous installation of both floor levels.


Amazon is an American leader of internet sale. While announcing its entry on the Polish market Amazon started its activity from building the biggest distribution halls in Poland of area exceeding 100,000 m2. One of them was the logistic hall in Bielany Wrocławskie. During realization started at the turn of 2013 and 2014 and lasting until March 2014 Pekabex has manufactured, delivered, and installed prefabricated reinforced concrete elements forming the complete hall structure. Range of prefabricated realized by Pekabex included 482 foundation footings, 360 columns, 675 roof beams, and 175 walls of total volume of over 5,900 m3.


Selgros store at Krakowska Street in Wrocław of area of over 10,000 m2. Installation took approx. 2 months and the number of elements was over 600 pieces. The prefabricated structure included columns with projecting bars, beams, beams connected with monolithic nodes, girders, and TT slabs.


In 2011 Pekabex has manufactured and delivered prefabricated reinforced and post-tensioned prestressed concrete elements in range of construction of two trade objects in Leszno - Tesco of area of approx. 8,500 m2 and OBI of area of approx. 10,000 m2. For those investments we have manufactured such prefabricated elements as reinforced concrete beams, triple-layered ground beams, column footings, reinforced concrete walls, stair flights and landings, prefabricated floors (for Tesco), and garden ground beams, triple-layered ground beams, column footings, retaining wall, HC slabs, stair flights and landings, reinforced concrete beams, and entrance portal (for OBI). We have also realized installation of structure from manufactured elements.


Pekabex has manufactured, delivered, and installed the prefabricated structure of modern VW car showroom in Hannover at representative Podbielskistrasse. The constructed object, beside the showroom part, will also have large and modern workshop for repairs requiring the professional equipment. Modern architecture based upon the reinforced concrete skeleton made from almost 500 prefabricated elements, including girders of weight of approx. 60 tons. The project will be finished in April 2015 fulfilling all requirements of European and German standards.


Construction of shopping centre "Polonia" at Korczaka Street in Śrem was realized from September 2013 to March 2014. The object is the 3-floor building of area of 42,059 m2 and volume of over 17,293.80 m3. In range of that investment Pekabex has realized the prefabricated structure of the object - over 640 m3 of prefabricated elements in total. Range of works realized by Pekabex included also earth, foundations, bricklaying and monolithic works. 
The official opening of the centre took place in 6th of December 2014.


JYSK logistic centre in Radomsko includes high and low storage warehouses, connecting, technical, and social buildings. Pekabex range included designing, manufacturing, delivering, and installing of prefabricated structure elements for connecting buildings between the high storage warehouses and some existing halls, storage hall, reloading docks from triple-layered walls with texture from washed basalt, boiler room, and fire pumping house. Pekabex was also responsible for painting the facade, reinforcing and realization of concrete overlays and dyed floors on prestressed hollow core slabs and on prestressed solid slabs of fire resistance of 240 minutes. We have realized in total 1,650 m3 of columns, 890 m3 of beams, 130 m3 of girders, 2,000 m2 of walls and ground beams, 11,500 m2 of HC slabs, 4,500 m2 of solid floor slabs, 2,300 m2 of fire walls, 200 m3 of dock elements.


Trade and service object Kaufland in Łask has been constructed in 2011. Pekabex has manufactured, delivered, and installed the structure consisting of 223 elements of total volume of approx. 700 m3. Full range of works included manufacturing, delivery, and installation of prefabricated columns, walls, beams, HC slabs, and stair flights.


Pekabex has manufactured, delivered, and installed the structure of one of many Kaufland trade objects located in Mińsk Mazowiecki. We have delivered 601.57 m3 of prefabricated structure including column footings, walls, prestressed beams, hollow core slabs. Installation started in September 2010 and took approx. two months. Kaufland in Mińsk Mazowiecki has total area of 4,076.7 m2 and volume of 22,318 m3. It has been opened in February 2011.


We have participated in construction of one of the first IKEA objects in Poland, built in Poznań. That hall was of area of 17,500 m2. This year we have manuafctured columns, floor beams, TT and Filigran slabs for expansion of IKEA Centre. The expanded area is 3,800 m2. The area after expansion is 21,300 m2.


For the construction of "Piotr i Paweł" trade centre in Toruń of area of 4,000 m2 we have manufactured and delivered reinforced and prestressed concrete columns, column footings, and girders.


We have built a few tens of trade objects of Kaufland type in Poland. We have delivered prefabricated reinforced concrete elements of structure and multi-layer walls with texture from Jurassic shale. Object in Bydgoszcz is an example of one of many investments realized by our company.