National Stadium in Warsaw is the most modern football arena not only in Poland, but also in Central Europe. Pekabex has realized underground parking place, transoms, tribunes, and cascade stairs. 150,000 m3 of concrete were delivered in total. The stadium construction ended in 2011.


City Stadium in Poznań is one of the biggest stadiums in Poland. Designed according to all UEFA requirements has room for 46,000 spectators. For that stadium Pekabex has manufactured prefabricated elements of cascade stairs, tribunes, Filigran slabs, beams, and concrete panels for steps.


For the construction of City Stadium in Wrocław Pekabex has manufactured and delivered prefabricated auditorium slabs, stair treads, and walls. It is the third stadium for Euro 2012 where the prefabricated elements are manufactured by Pekabex. The object has 6 levels, is 39 m high, and has room for approx. 43,000 spectators.


The design of City Stadium in Bielsko Biała assumed realization of an object for over 15,000 spectators. Pekabex has been selected for manufacturing, delivery, and installation of prefabricated reinforced concrete stadium structure, located in strict city centre. Realization started in August 2012 and its end is planned for the 2nd quarter of 2015. Pekabex has manufactured and installed 1,950 prefabricated auditorium elements of total volume of 1,930 m3.


In the beginning of 2014 Pekabex took part in realization of modernization of City Stadium in Tychy. Stadium has room for over 15,000 spectators. Modern City Stadium in Tychy is a project where Pekabex was responsible for designing, manufacturing, delivery, and installation of complete prefabricated structure of reinforced concrete tribunes. Pekabex has manufactured and installed 867 auditorium slabs and 221 toothed beams of total volume of 3,180 m3. The construction end is planned for this year.


The first stadium in Poland realized completely in prefabrication. Number of planned seats is over 16,000. Pekabex as the first prefabrication plant in Poland has realized tribunes in double Z technology. Pekabex range included manufacturing of prefabricated toothed transoms and tribunes.


We may be proud of realization of one of the most interesting sport halls. Master Hall constructed in Włocławek is an example of interesting architecture in which the prefabricated reinforced concrete columns are used as decorative elements visible from the outside.