The Norwegian complex of 4 apartment buildings with 2-level underground garage in Kvaernerbyen district in Oslo centre is a project realized from 3013 to the middle of 2014. In range of that investment Pekabex has designed, manufactured, and installed the structure of the whole object being a connection of steel and reinforced concrete structural elements. Pekabex has delivered and installed 42 columns, 22 floor beams, 263 solid walls, 116 balcony slabs of volume of 1,850 m3, and 1,660 HC slabs of total area of 10,500 m3.


Kv Spindeln - residential object realized in Malmö for Skanska Sverige AB in place of old bus depot. According to the architect's vision the object form was supposed to be connected with the building of old demolished bus depot. Range realized by Pekabex included walls of complicated texture made according to Recklie stencils, triple-layered columns, beams, and Filigran and HC slabs.


Residential object of operational area of approx. 2,000 m2. Its construction consumed 1,000 m3 of concrete. Pekabex was responsible for production, delivery, and installation of complete building structure, i.e. walls, floors, balcony slabs in residential part, and columns and beams in garage part. External walls have been manufactured in Pekabex prefabrication plant in Poznań with thermal insulation, electric installation, plasters, windows, and sills.


Urban Flex concept with Foderladan project as its part is an idea which main assumption is realization of ergonomic residential objects having prefabricated reinforced concrete structure. The project is realized in Sweden in Stockholm suburbs. At Foderladan construction Pekabex realizes production and delivery of prefabricated reinforced concrete columns, beams, walls, floors, landings, and balconies. Prefabricated elements delivered by Pekabex included 690 solid walls, 710 3-layered walls, 60 columns, 41 floor beams, 960 prestressed floor slabs, 109 landing slabs, and 110 balcony slabs of total volume exceeding 5,500 m3.


Kv Duggregent is a complex of 4 residential buildings realized for Skanska Sverige AB company in Stockholm. Total area of floors is approx. 10,900 m2 and area of walls approx. 13,400 m2. Works realized by Pekabex included designing with 3D model, production, delivery, and installation of prefabricated elements, and monolithic works. Windows have been installed in production plant in Poznań. Complete elements, prepared for installation have been delivered to the construction site in Stockholm.


Olivia Business Centre in Gdańsk is located at Grunwaldzka Street, the main road in Gdańsk - Sopot - Gdynia Tricity. The complex is realized in stages and will eventually offer over 120,000 m2 of modern office area in the highest standard (AA class). The complex is located at the plot of area of over 4.5 ha. Buldings finished so far: Olivia Gate, Olivia Point & Olivia Tower, and Olivia Four surround the internal patio - square with plants and fountains.

Olivia Business Centre will be eventually a complex of 7 buildings designed in such way that they assure maximum flexibility in forming the internal office area. Most buildings are connected with each other. In the ground floors there are service spots - shops, restaurants, banks. Under all buildings there is 2-level underground parking place.


Waterfront complex in Gdynia is located in direct vicinity of stric city centre. The complex consisting of two buildings will include 90,000 m2 of trade, service, entertainment, and office area, and hotel with conference centre. The office object is 11-floor building of area of 10,000 m2 in which the office area of class A will be located. The whole complex is planned to be finished in May 2015.