The structure which we are especially proud of is Filborna power plant in Helsingborg in Sweden. Total number of prefabricated elements manufactured, delivered, and installed by Pekabex was 4,108 pieces, and their repeatability was very low. Total volume of the structure was 6,840 m3. Installation of that very complicated structure lasted continuously for 13 months with works realized at large heights. 
Efficient operation of the design department, very complicated design, and realization of hanging staircases were the biggest challenges in that project. We have designed and installed those prefabricated elements. The elements have been perfectly fitted which for 45-metre hanging staircase is a success of designers, producer, and installers.


LNG terminal in Świnoujście is an investment of strategic importance for the national energetic safety, allowing for receiving and regasification of liquid natural gas. Our works at the construction site lasted from February 2012 to November 2013. The Pekabex range of works included realization of concrete substructures for the prefabricated structure of eleven pipeline trestles, consisting of foundation footings, columns, two levels of beams, and prefabricated channels. Pekabex has also realized the foundation for recondenser, BOG Compressor, and the monolithic foundations. 
The range of our works included manufacturing and delivery of the following prefabricated elements: 682 pieces of reinforced foundations and sockets, 292 pieces of foundations for the lighting posts, 685 pieces of reinforced columns, 9 column footings (security building on the breakwater), 25 pieces of walls on foundations, 26 pieces of walls forming the side channels, 15 pieces of ground beams and walls (security building on the breakwater), 3596 pieces of U-channels, 298 pieces of cable channels and lids for those channels, 750 pieces of reinforced beams and transoms, 137 pieces of beams on the tanks. We have manufactured 10,895.38 m3 for that investment in total.