Object constructed for Euro 2012. Constructed on time despite very cold winter. Works have been realized even in temperatures of 15 Celsius degrees below zero. Installation was very complicated as the whole object is located above used railway tracks. Strictly installation works have been realized only during 5 night hours as only the railway power supply was turned off. The object included almost 500 prefabricated elements. Pekabex range included columns, beams, HC slabs, TT slabs, and floors steel structure. One of the interesting things is that some floors have been hydraulically lifted to their final position.


Construction realized in 2012 by Pekabex in range of designing, manufacturing, delivery, and installation of prefabricated elements for Mota-Engil Central Europe S.A. company. Object consists of four levels and multi-leve; parking place for employees of Technical University in Wrocław, containing almost 300 cars. Parking place has been realized from prefabricated elements, i.e. 67 columns, 128 reinforced and prestressed beams, and 234 hollow core slabs, which have also been installed on driveways between levels and on prestressed girders. Range of prefabricated elements included also circumferential beam-walls and lift shafts walls. Due to construction site location - strict city centre and direct vicinity of Technical University buildings - the installation was a big challenge. Works were realized by two installation teams on three parking place levels at the same time, on plot of very low area.


We manufacture prefabricated elements and build parking places. We have constructed from our prefabricated elements the overground parking place of skeletal reinforced concrete structure. Floor of 2-level parking place has been made from TT slabs.