The tunnel under Martwa Wisła in Gdańsk in the first road tunnel in Poland realized with use of TBM method. Its external diameter is 12.2 m. In case of this object it was necessary to use the prefabricated reinforced concrete elements of tunnel casing called tubings. One rign of tunnel under Martwa Wisła consists of 7 segments (6 elements and so called key) and weighs approx. 110 tons, and one tunnel line consists of 537 rings and is 1072.5 m long. The tunnel has two lines of axial spacing of 25.0 m. Each line has road with two lanes. Realization of prefabricated casing elements required great precision, just like concrete placing. Production of tubings consumed almost 47,000 m3 of concrete.


Deliveries of tubings for construction of sewage collector under Vistula river for "Czajka" sewage treatment plant. Pekabex as the first plant in Poland participated in a project of realization of tunnel with use of TBM method (Tunnel Boring Machine). It was the first production of such elements in Poland. Additional problem was the fact that the tunnel is located under Vistula river bottom. We have manufactured and delivered 6,000 elements in total.


Integrated communication centre.  Object constructed for Euro 2012. Constructed on time despite very cold winter. Works have been realized even in temperatures of -15 Celsius degrees below zero. Installation was very complicated as the whole object is located above used railway tracks. Strictly installation works have been realized only during 5 night hours as only the railway power supply was turned off. The object included almost 500 prefabricated elements. Pekabex range included columns, beams, HC slabs, TT slabs, and floors steel structure. One of the interesting things is that some floors have been hydraulically lifted to their final position.


In range of large investment of construction of west ringroad of Poznań Pekabex has manufactured and delivered 36 post-tensioned prestressed concrete beams of T-24 type for overpass in Rokietnica near Poznań.


In range of realization of overpass in Częstochowa (crossing of national roads no. 1 and no. 46) Pekabex has manufactured prefabricated post-tensioned prestressed concrete beams for the overpass carrying structure of length from 22.6 to 26.0 m and weight from 60 to 69 tons, reinforced with 9.5 tons of ribbed steel and 1.5 tons of tensioning cables. Realization of the biggest weight in the company history has become possible thanks to equipping the existing hall with new overhead cranes 2 x 32 t and production lines for prestressed elements, allowing for combining the multiple tensioning sets when high total tensioning force is required - 9,200 kN (920 tons).


Tram tunnel connects Lech and Tysiąclecia housing estates with terrain behind the 3rd communication frame in Franowo district. It is 1067.2 m long and is the second object of that type in Poland. The tunnel has been constructed in range of construction of tram route to Franowo district as one of projects for EURO 2012 in Poznań. Pekabex has realized production and delivery of 662 prestressed floor slabs. Deliveries were realized from August 2011 to March 2012.


We have manufactured and delivered prefabricated elements for construction of overpass at Hetmańska Street in Poznań - high-quality Filigran slabs produced for engineering building needs.


We have manufactured bridge abutments for construction of overpass between Poznań and Suchy Las. They are made from high-quality concrete and definitely enhance the appearance of the bridge objects.