Clip V is a storage hall of raw materials and finished products in Swarzędz of area of approx. 35,000 m2 realized in 2013. Range of our works included production, delivery, and installation of prefabricated structure, as well as wide range of works including earth works, foundation works, floors, steel structures, electric installations, sanitary installations, road works, networks, and finishing works.
Works have been continued at another hall (Clip IV) of total area of 37,000 m2 in 2014 . The prefabricated structure included, just like in case of Clip V hall, columns, trigger beams, girders, ground beams, docks, beams, and prestressed HC slabs, and total range of works included foundation works with accompanying earth works.

At the construction site of bakery realized for INTER-EUROPOL in Marki almost 2,260 prefabricated elements and 360 tons of steel structure have been installed. The roof area is 30,000 m2 and almost 50,450 m2 of material have been used for facades, internal walls and cold storage rooms. Special attention should be paid to solution of installation of gates in reinforced concrete walls REI240 covered on both sides, crossing the freezers. Almost all fire resistance classes of buildings have been used (A-E), as well as various configurations of fire resistance classes of elements (from 30 to 240 minutes). Pekabex was the prime contractor responsible for all structural and building works, in particular foundations, floors, installation of prefabricated and steel structures, external casing, roofing, anti-fire internal walls, delivery of complex reloading systems, realization of freezing and cold storage rooms with substructure and casing, glass facade, windows and doors, realization of all works connected with high storage warehouse (casing, roof, dewatering, foundations) excluding the main steel structure.


In range of Scania factory expansion in Oskarshamn, Pekabex manufactured and delivered prefabricated columns, beams, TT slabs, and walls. The project was realized in cooperation with Skanska company. The biggest challenge was installation of prefabricated elements due to small space at the construction site.


Pekabex has realized complex works during construction of Samsung factory in Wronki - from earth works, through monolithic works (foundations, docks, concrete overlay), to the installation of steel structure. In range of prefabricated structure Pekabex has realized and installed 267 elements of total volume of approx. 468 m3. The prefabricated structure included columns, beams, girders, ground beams, and docks. The area of the whole object is approx. 5,000 m2.


For the construction of Marine Harvest factory in Trondheim, Norway (project realized for Reinertsen Customer) Pekabex has manufactured, delivered, and installed the self-supporting Filigran slabs. Additionally the range of works included also installation of steel structure and monolithic works. It was the first building project where we used sea transport for the prefabricated elements.


The storage hall with social and office section of area of 30,000 m2. We have realized the object in range of design, production, and installation of the whole prefabricated structure, design and realization of embankment 2 m high in the highest point, realization of monolithic and bricklaying works, as well as facade and roof. Over 1,200 prefabricated elements have been made in total: columns installed with projecting bars, reinforced concrete and steel beams, walls. HC slabs.


From September 2012 to June 2014 Pekabex has built 4 high storage warehouses for Fm Logistic company in total. Two of them are located in Olszowa (near Strzelce Opolskie), the other ones in Błonie (near Warsaw) and Tomaszów Mazowiecki. Moreover we have built accompanying objects: offices and technical facilities. Range of our works included design, production, transport, and installation of over 2,700 prefabricated elements in total, from foundation footings, through columns and walls, to girders and purlins. The most atypical work included realization of 5 decorative elements (made from white cement) for entry to the office building in form of 4 columns and slab for the roof. The slab has been manufactured in blue colour with use of appropriate pigment for concrete.


Construction project of logistic centre for Wittchen was realized from April to December 2010. The hall area is 5,218 m2 and its volume 58,630 m3. The hall is 39.9 m wide, 126 m long, and 12 m high. Range of works realized by Pekabex included object structure (earth works, monolithic works, prefabricated reinforced concrete and steel elements), roof, casing, floor, water, sewage, and central heating systems, external networks, roads, and surrounding area.


For the construction of Honda logistic centre in Pniewy, realized for Hochtief Polska, Pekabex has manufactured and delivered such prefabricated elements as ground beams, columns, girders, and purlins. Special attention should be paid to very successful cooperation with the Orderer.


For the construction of Donaldson filters factory in Skarbimierz near Brzeg Pekabex has manufactured, delivered, and installed the prefabricated carrying structure from concrete of volume of 1,092 m3, from which over a half was used for the roof structure. Besides the prestressed girders and trimmer beams we have also manufactured, delivered, and installed columns, ground beams, and HC slabs.


Construction of production and storage hall with social and office facilities, complete technical infrastructure and land development for Dan Cake Polonia LLC company, with the pumping house of area of 7,000 m2. Pekabex has manufactured, delivered, and installed over 1,000 prefabricated elements, including columns, column footings, walls, beams, girders, HC slabs, stair flights, and stiffening steel structure. Moreover our range of works included joints of HC slabs and structural concrete overlay. It is good to know that in that object the prestressed girders of span of 34 m have been used.


In 2012 Pekabex has finished installation of production building with social and office facilities in Industrial Park in Bydgoszcz for Airon Investment company. The building has area of 6,000 m2. Range of realized works included production, delivery, and installation of prefabricated elements such as columns, girders, and overhead crane beams. Currently Pekabex has finished the installation of another building for the same investor. Therefore the plant from 2012 has been expanded with another production building with social and office facilities and umbrella roof adjacent to the hall.


Construction of Agata Meble furniture showroom of area of over 11,000 m2. The total number of designed, manufactured, delivered, and installed elements amounted to over 700, including columns, beams, HC slabs.


In years 2002-2005 Pekabex has realized one of the biggest investments for Volkswagen Motor Polska LLC and Sitech LLC companies, located in Special Economical Area in Legnica, Subarea in Polkowice. During that period we have constructed hall of seats, hall of presses, logistic centre, and dangerous materials storage hall of total area of over 50,000 m2. Range of works included delivery and installation of prefabricated structure, including foundation footings, columns, beams, TT slabs, walls, staircases, as well as complete steel structure for the roof in form of truss girders.


High storage warehouse hall of area of 13,000 m2 in which there are 11,000 pallet stations has been built for sweetmeats producer Jutrzenka in Kostrzyn Wlkp. near Poznań.


Expansion of production plant for Cadbury Wedel Polska in Bielany Wrocławskie. The area of the whole object is 12,000 m2. For that construction we have manufactured and delivered columns, ground beams, girders, floor beams, and floor slabs.


We have participated in construction of production buildings and silos complex for sugar factory in Środa Wielkopolska. We have manufactured and delivered semi-prefabricated binders and prefabricated silo structure for that investment.


Storage hall of Bentom company. The central storage hall has area of 10,000 m2, is located in Koziegłowy near Poznań, is equipped with over 11,500 storage stations, and has been constructed with use of prefabricated reinforced concrete structure.


The three-bay production and storage hall of total area of 6,375 m2. The operational area is 6,290 m2 and the volume is 36,288 m3. The hall has been constructed in prefabricated reinforced concrete structure for the factory of industrial fittings.