In range of quite atypical order our company has realized prefabricated floating yacht pier. Despite large dimensions, i.e. length of 10 m, width of 1.5 m, and height of 1.25 m it weighs only 20 tons, as its filling is made from foamed polystyrene (which also allows for floating). Pier may be seen on Kierskie Lake in Poznań.


Prefabricated concrete elements manufactured by Pekabex may be used as a lining of the bridge abutments. Such used prefabricated elements are a perfect combination of functionality with interesting and visually attractive architectural solution. Bridge abutments manufactured by Pekabex are used e.g. on overpass between Poznań and Suchy Las.


Many years of experience in prefabrication branch allows us for realization of very atypical projects. We have manufactured prefabricated basins of fountains in Old Market in Poznań.