Our company has its own design office specialized in designing of buildings constructed from prefabricated reinforced and prestressed concrete elements. We assure professional and complex service for our customers. We realize our designs according to Polish and European Standards.

We have created our design department with professional engineers having the international experience. Professionalism and responsibility make us not afraid of any engineering challenges. Our employees are opened for any suggestions, questions, and opinions, and also offer our Customers the modern solutions in range of construction with use of prefabrication technology.

We design and produce over 30 various types of prefabricated reinforced and prestressed concrete elements for the industrial, engineering, and residential objects, as well as atypical projects. Our continuous development of range and complexity of our services assures us growing interest of investors.

Pekabex projects are modern, safe, and economical, and objects based upon our prefabrication method distinguish themselves positively in the architectural landscape.

150 150 Pekabex - budownictwo prefabrykowane
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