Pekabex produces reinforced or prestressed columns and column footings of square, rectangular, and circular section. Rectangular columns have chamfered edges 15x15 mm. The fire resistance class for columns may be 240 minutes. The columns may be multi-level with brackets in all four directions.

Use of prestressed columns is recommended when:

  • columns are slender: during transport and work in the static diagram with brackets on both ends and high span moment the columns would require significant additional reinforcing
  • there are significant horizontal loads, e.g. caused by overhead cranes. Connection between columns and foundations is realized in multiple versions assuring transferring of bending moments from the columns to the foundation.
  • connection with projecting bars
  • mounting of column in the socket foundation
  • elements of column footings
  • system bolt connections of known companies

We manufacture prefabricated reinforced concrete columns of circular section Ø from 0.3 m to 0.8 m.

Rectangular column footings are a special case of rectangular columns, formed with the foundation footing.

We manufacture reinforced and prestressed concrete columns of rectangular section.

Circular column footings are a special case of circular columns, formed with the foundation footing.