Share ownership

Share ownership

Share ownership of PEKABEX S.A.

(the structure of share ownership in public offering, taking into account the increase of capital by way of issuing series B stock)

Shareholders of PEKABEX S.A. who hold at least 5% of votes during AGMThe number of actions% Votes at the GM
STE Sp. z o.o.9 784 58539,41%
Cantorelle Limited2 958 17011,92%
Fernik Holdings Limited2 029 3828,17%
Nationale-Nederlanden1 360 0005,48%
Others total8 694 37535,02%
total24 826 512100%

After registering capital increase by way of series B stock issuing, share capital of PEKABEX S.A. will be divided into 24.213.024 shares with nominal value 1 PLN each. All Company shares are ordinary, bearer shares.

Series nameNumber of sharesMinimum value (zł)Type of actionType of privilege share
A21 213 02421 213 024BearerAre not privileged
B3 000 0003 000 000BearerAre not privileged
C 613 488 613 488 Bearer Are not privileged
Together24 826 51224 826 512
150 150 Pekabex - budownictwo prefabrykowane
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