PEKABEX S.A. prospectus was prepared in connection with public offering for series A and B shares, and in connection with a request to admit to trade and to float shares on the Warsaw exchange regulated market.

Pekabex S.A. prospectus was approved by the Financial Supervision Authority on 9 June 2015.

First public offering of Pekabex regarded 7,366,667 shares, including 3,000,000 new issue shares. The price for the offered shares was based on book-building process among institutional investors for PLN 10.

As a result of the public offering the investors were allocated all of the offered shares. Institutional investors were allocated 6,777,334 shares, whereas individual investors were accolated 589,333 shares. Individual investors placed subscription for a total of 3,696,139 share which means that the average reduction rate of subscription in this tranche was 84%.

Total value of public offering of Pekabex exceeded 73 million PLN, including 30 million PLN worth of new shares.