Development project will be implemented by Pekabex

Development project will be implemented by Pekabex

In accordance with previous announcements of the Company’s Management Board, an agreement for the purchase of a plot of land for the construction of a residential complex has been signed. At Jasielska St., 9 in Poznań, a housing estate in prefabricated technology will be built – a pilot investment of Pekabex Development.


 As part of the implementation, six five-storey, modern buildings are planned. After the success of the investment, further development of housing projects is planned both as an investor and as a contractor for prefabricated constructions for development companies.

Pekabex in Sweden builds annually 1-1,200 flats in prefab technology. The construction takes about 25-30% less time than in the case of traditional construction and is very much independent from weather conditions, which speeds up the time of delivery of finished apartments to clients and ensures very high quality of workmanship. The solutions proposed as part of the investment assume obtaining high technical parameters in terms of acoustics and thermal insulation as well as care for the external appearance of buildings and the surroundings. There will also be intelligent systems to increase the comfort of apartments.

Taking into account the factors characterizing modern modular construction, a large increase in the prefabrication share in development investments in the coming years is expected. According to the declarations of BGK Nieruchomości, prefabricated technology will be the leading program in the government program Mieszkanie+ (a program for building flats in Poland).

Maciej Putowski, Investment Specialist at Pekabex, talks about the new development project:

Why is this project called “pilot”?

This is the first development project implemented by Pekabex. We want to focus strongly on technical solutions, especially in the field of building construction. We care about the highest comfort of future residents and ecology, so we will take care of the intimate character of the estate, intelligent installations, thermal insulation and good acoustics with a greater care than current standards. The project will also include infrastructure for children, cyclists and greenery. After the success of this project, we plan to use the accumulated “know-how” on similar investments in new locations.

Will Pekabex be a developer who will build these buildings and sell flats in them?

Yes. The development project from a formal point of view will not be different from other such projects.

Was there a competition for the architectural project? Who designed these buildings?

In order to have different perspectives on the project, we have commissioned several local architectural offices to prepare a development concept that takes into account the possibilities of the area. We chose the design of the Adam Mikulicz Architects studio that best meets the adopted criteria.

When does the construction start and when the estate is to be ready?

We plan to start construction in the spring of 2018 and we assume that the first residents will be able to move in early 2019.

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