All Pupils and Students are invited to participate in our internship program – the CV should be sent at: with a note: “Internship in the Department of …” Depending on the department where you would be willing to serve your internship you can expect different tasks and duties. Below you can familiarize yourself with a description of the individual duties and responsibilities:

The Design Department

The duties and responsibilities of the trainees include:

  • Drawing ferro-concrete and steel components,
  • Cooperation with other designing offices, the factory and the construction site,
  • Drawing up charts, lists, design documentation.

The Contract Realization Department.

The Contract Realization Department is the place where the Project Managers work. The Department is responsible for the coordination and management of projects’ realization – from signing the contract, through preparing the realization documentation, planning the overall production process and its division into four factories, producing the components and finally the construction assembly at the construction site. Internship in the Contract Realization Department gives therefore a unique opportunity to acquire knowledge and experience virtually from the whole building process as well as from the best specialists in the branch.

The duties and responsibilities of the trainees include:

  • Supporting Project Managers in individual actions and the work of the whole department depending on current needs;
  • learning the specifics of production, designing and assembly of prefabricated units;
  • Learning about methods of work progress reporting, methods of drawing-up schedules, contract agreements with the client, supervising the subcontractors including their contracts and coordination of company own resources.

The Sales Department

In the first period of the internship in the Sales Department a supervising person will familiarize the intern with company structure and relevant procedures.

The duties and responsibilities of the trainees include:

  • participation in the offer processing (reading offer inquiries, characterizing customer’s expectations, filling in the missing data, creating the concept, conducting calculations, preparing the offer) and in the business negotiations;

Besides, as part of the internship the student will have the opportunity to enter the factory site in order to learn about production technology of prefabricated constructions and to visit the construction site to learn about their assembly.

The Assembly Department

Work in the Assembly Department consists in erecting buildings from prefabricated components.

The duties and responsibilities of the trainees include:

  • Every-day active participation in work of the assembly team;
  • Participation in solving problems encountered during project realization;
  • Attention to safety, to meeting deadlines as well as to high quality of work;

Our construction is rising before your very eyes so when leaving the construction site for home after all the work you can be sure to feel satisfied.


The duties and responsibilities of the trainees include:

  • Working in accordance with relevant norms and only on the immediate superior’s order;
  • Execution of work in compliance with instructions, norms and procedures;
  • Attention to the correct operation, application and maintenance of the working tools;
  • Preparing materials and the work station for tests;
  • Participation in the Laboratory experiments and research work;
  • Carrying out other work ordered by the Concrete Technology Manager

The Department of General Execution

The Department of General Execution is made up of highly-skilled engineers specializing in selling and realization of buildings in a “ready to use” state. The internship offers a unique opportunity to gain technical knowledge both at construction and technology of prefabrication and other works in all the areas (architecture, construction, roads, sanitary systems, electrical systems). Mainly, the internship covers field work supervised by the Project Manager/ Construction Manager/Sales Manager and offers a possibility of permanent employment after completing the internship for the best.

The duties and responsibilities of the trainees include:

  • estimating quantity take-offs and surveys;
  • settlement of works carried out by subcontractors and by the company own resources;
  • drawing up and archiving the contract documentation;
  • participation in the offer processing and cost estimating process;
  • drawing up a plan for ordering materials, machines and other things related to the construction;
  • fulfilling duties related to a correct realization of investment;
  • close collaboration with the contract and construction manager;
  • fulfilling other activities necessary to realize the contract.

The Department of Accounting

The duties and responsibilities of the trainees include:

  • archiving documentation;
  • assistance with the drawing up of balance sheets;
  • preparing documents for booking.

The Legal Department

The duties and responsibilities of the trainees include:

  • drawing up drafts of the corporate documentation, pleadings, opinions;
  • legal research;
  • drawing up applications for entry in land registers, for a pledge register;
  • giving opinions on contracts related to the construction process.

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