We pursue an extensive training policy.

We are aware that Pekabex is a team of people who create great things and that is why it is worth investing in them. We are proud of them and we see to it that every day brings a new challenge and satisfaction for them. We believe that a company is made by the people who work for it. We know how important development is, therefore we provide a wide range of training courses.

Concrete placer-Steel fixer

People working for Pekabex in the position of a concrete placer-steel fixer are conscientious and diligent. This profession also definitely requires the teamwork skills as concrete-placers and steel-fixers cooperate with many other specialists on production.

Our employees emphasize that it is a job with a future, which will continue being needed in view of a dynamic development of the building sector. They are satisfied with their wages, which are increasing with the experience and seniority gained. The employees especially appreciate the cooperation with other specialists in the company as well as taking part in construction projects in Poland and all across Europe.

Andrzej Marczak the director of The Pekabex Branch in Gdańsk is telling us about a company training program: “After three years of work we offer our employees a possibility to enroll in a course which ends with a journeyman exam, and after another three years to enroll in a master course and exam in the concrete placer-steel fixer trade. The master degree is the crowning achievement of a career in this trade.” We provide our staff with an opportunity to participate in a number of company funded training courses, among other things, in operating a fork-lift or a gantry crane. The program is implemented and paid by our company.  


The Assembly Department of Pekabex is made up of well-coordinated teams consisting of 5-6 specialists working at construction sites. Assemblers represent an essential link of the construction process because it is them who connect the units manufactured by our company into a constructional whole and witness the final effect of the whole company’s work.

Employment in the position of an assembler in Pekabex guarantees a stable salary and work in young ambitious teams. In the beginning it is work with experienced specialists you can learn a lot from, later on as you gain experience and seniority you can pass on your knowledge to younger colleagues. 

Pekabex participates in prestigious international contracts which is why our staff has an opportunity to go abroad.

As Grzegorz Dużyński, the Director of the Assembly Department puts it: “Training new staff goes very efficiently with us owing to the training program. It consists in the fact that the experienced and the best assemblers take care of the newly employed people. Because of that young employees can count on specialist assistance on every stage of the training. Such an approach allows fast and effective training which satisfies members of the program”.

We also offer employment in the position of an assembler to people with other qualifications. Thanks to the Pekabex Academy they are given the opportunity to learn and work in a responsible and satisfying trade.

In order to improve the staff’s skills we run, among other things, language courses in English, Swedish and German. 

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