Supplier’s responsibility

Supplier’s responsibility

The Group has a reliable group of suppliers of key raw materials and materials for the production of prefabricated products, including in particular steel, cement and aggregate.

The structure of the Group’s suppliers is dispersed, so that the Group is not dependent on one or more entities. The Group buys based on cooperation agreements concluded with regular suppliers in the scope of the key range and services (cement, steel, aggregates, plywood, accessories, chemicals, transport services). Framework agreements include payment terms, discount conditions and the amount of trade credits, but are not commitments; materials, raw materials and services are delivered based on current orders.

The Pekabex Group has a centralized Purchasing Department with an office in the headquarters in Poznań. Purchases are made in accordance with the reported demand using modern tools, incl. Login Trade shopping platform, accelerating and improving communication with suppliers.

The organization of deliveries to the Maintenance Department is the most time consuming. Purchases of specialized machinery, equipment and spare parts require technical knowledge, knowledge of the industry and often these are urgent purchases. They are characterized by a huge variety of purchased materials. The group of time and labor-intensive purchases includes the purchase of aggregates, gravel and sand. They require separate purchase conditions for individual plants. Foreign purchases are also characterized by a more complicated purchasing process.

In the Purchasing Department, individual buyers are responsible for specific purchasing categories, e.g. steel, aggregates, thermal insulation, tools, etc.

In the Pekabex Group, the supplier classification process is carried out in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard. In the case of key processes, the Group cooperates only with entities that it has placed on the list of qualified suppliers.

The application for inclusion on this list takes the form of a questionnaire to be completed by the candidate for the supplier. The questionnaire is verified by the Purchasing Department and by the Quality Control Department. In the case of strategic materials used for production, their quality is additionally verified by accredited laboratories before entering the supplier on the list of qualified suppliers. The Group also periodically verifies suppliers in accordance with ISO 9001: 2018. The verification is designed not only to analyze the quality of the delivered products, but also to build good relationships throughout the entire supply chain through continuous improvement of the purchasing process.

Deliveries to contractors is a very important element of the supply chain. Transport to construction sites is carried out by external entities with which Pekabex is in constant cooperation.

Depending on the location of the investment, deliveries are made by land, sea or using both forms of transport. In land transport, the Group uses, among others from standard semi-trailers, commonly known as ‘curtains’, intended for elements whose dimensions fit the gauge of this type of set: 13.6 m long, 2.45 m wide, 2.6 m high. Equally often, the Group uses platforms with similar load capacity in terms of dimensions and weight; the visible difference is the lack of a tarpaulin, which allows loading of elements wider than 2.45 m. Other types of trailers used by the Group should be included in the specialist rolling stock, as they enable the transport of elements with extreme parameters: weight up to 100 tons, height exceeding 4 meters or an overall length of more than 40 meters. This type of rolling stock includes, among others Inloaders and Nachlaufer trailers.

Oversized transports, which account for about 50% of all deliveries, require special planning.

Such transport takes place between 10.00 p.m. and 6.00 a.m. and requires appropriate permits. The delivery of oversize elements often requires changes to the infrastructure, e.g. removing road signs or extending specific sections of the road.

Apart from raw materials and materials, Pekabex buys many services on the market, including subcontracting services related to the contracts. In particular, the business segment in which the Group performs contracts in the general contracting formula – Contract performance – construction services, is based on a network of subcontractors.

The implementation of contracts in the form of general contracting primarily means coordinating the work of a number of subcontractors and suppliers. Necessary in this process is effective control of all processes by engineers and managers employed in the General Contractor Department, who skillfully manage resources and adapt them to current needs. It is essential for the timely execution of contracts and for maintaining cost effectiveness. Supply chain management requires effective selection of cooperators and their ongoing monitoring, as well as providing feedback and training people working under the contract. Subcontractors cooperating with Pekabex are verified not only in terms of the compliance of the quality of services with the Group’s standards, but also in terms of compliance with occupational health and safety and the law in the field of employment of foreigners.

The Pekabex Group has an occupational health and safety management system based on the ISO 45001: 2018 standard, which covers employees, as well as people who do not have such status, but whose work or workplace is controlled by the Group. The supply chain of investment implementation in the form of general contracting includes, apart from subcontractors at construction sites, also suppliers supplying materials and raw materials and providing selected specialist services.

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