Strategy & values

Strategy & values


building the Group value and strengthening of the leading position on the prefabricated reinforced and prestressed concrete elements through the organic growth, acquisitions, development of foreign sale, as well as further perfecting of product offer and accompanying services:

  • being a partner for a Customer mostly through offering the solutions adapted to the Customer’s vision and expectations,
  • delivering the modern technologies and complex structural solutions for the non-standard objects.


  • The economic growth, improved situation in the construction branch, and increasing significance of prefabricated technology will increase the demand for the Group products. Therefore the Group considers continuation of started consolidation actions (in 2012 the Group purchased the plant in Bielsko-Biała) and further takeovers of prefabrication plants which may allow for rapid increase of production capacities, market share, and ultimately for reinforcing the leading position in sector in Poland. In the Board’s opinion the Group is able to increase the efficiency as a result of takeovers by using owned know-how in range of management and cost synergies (mostly connected with administration, logistic, and materials purchase costs) and by increasing its bargaining power towards its orderers.

  • Currently the Group realizes sale of prefabricated elements on Scandinavian (mostly Norway and Sweden) and German market. Pekabex intends to increase sale on those markets by offering more and more advanced and complex solutions in range of prefabricated structures.
    The Group wants also to continue the activity connected with production services in Germany. The possible expansion and increase of income from that segment will be connected with the gradual obtaining of new customers (organic growth).

  • The customers start to appreciate the modern and complex solutions, including advisory in range of prefabricated technology, as well as designing, production, transport, and installation of prefabricated elements, and also complex realization of objects. The Group intends to develop solutions in “design and build” formula. It also wants to develop the competences of the design department in order to strengthen its competitive advantage by offering more technologically complex products and solutions with simultaneous improvement of know-how in range of production of repeatable, standardized elements.

  • The Group aims at continuous improvement of operational efficiency mostly by implementing the monitoring systems for the internal processes, including designing, production, and contracts realization processes with use of tools like reporting and controlling systems.
    Its goal is to implement the complex IT solutions facilitating the information flow and improving efficiency (e.g. in production), as well as allowing for use of owned information for better adaptation of products and services to the market needs.

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