The Group operates on the basis of appropriate relations between the Company’s development and care for the natural environment and human health.

Issues related to responsible environmental management are primarily regulated by the Environmental Policy adopted by the Group, which is taken into account when making business and operational decisions. The assumptions of the Environmental Policy include, among others:

  • rational use of resources and optimal energy management,
  • reducing the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere,
  • rational waste management aimed at minimizing the amount of waste generated and subjecting it to recycling and recovery processes,
  • reducing noise emissions,
  • increasing the environmental awareness of the company’s employees and care for the environment at every stage of the technological process,
  • cooperation with the local community to protect the natural environment.

The Group is working intensively to define the Group’s comprehensive climate strategy in the face of global climate challenges.

The Management Board of the Group is aware of the enormous importance of the changes related to the transformation of the economy of Poland and the whole of Europe towards low-emission ones in the context of the climate crisis. The developed climate strategy will set the directions for adapting the business model, taking into account the potential risks and economic benefits associated with it. One of the most important goals of the Group’s future climate strategy will be to reduce the steady level of greenhouse gas emissions while ensuring the company’s further development.

In 2020, the Group obtained EDP (Environmental Product Declaration) for some of its products.

The declaration is a document detailing the environmental performance of a product during its entire life cycle (LCA). The products that have been certified are: prefabricated filigree slabs, prefabricated structures (single, double, three-layer walls), prefabricated reinforced elements, prefabricated prestressed elements. The EPD certification system is a global environmental program in which an independent organization (Building Research Institute in Poland) assesses, based on the ISO 14025 standard, the sustainable use of resources and the impact of products and subsequent construction facilities on the environment. The Group complies with the applicable legal regulations in the field of environmental protection. The Pekabex Group does not implement projects in areas of particular natural value or in their immediate vicinity.

The Group is involved in a number of pro-ecological initiatives gathered under the common slogan “Pekabex GoesGreen” and in innovative research into more environmentally friendly products.

The “Pekabex System – residential buildings” developed by the Group was appreciated for innovative and ecological design solutions and was among the finalists of the 2020 competition of the Ministry of Climate “Product in circulation”. There is an environmental management system team within the Group, which identified the environmental aspects of the operations. They are monitored on an ongoing basis (in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard), as well as a register of the company’s impact on the environment, its products and services. If employees or team members identify additional environmental impacts, the register is supplemented. The company also has periodically updated emergency procedures. The team also verifies the assumed environmental goals and procedures related to them. The conclusions of his audits are periodically reported to the Group’s management board.

The Group’s Research and Development Center conducts research aimed at improving the design technology as well as organizational and production changes that will contribute to reducing the consumption of steel and concrete, while maintaining or improving the properties of products.

As part of the ongoing investments, Pekabex cooperates with clients in order to obtain BREEAM and LEED environmental certification. They are the two most popular tools for evaluating buildings based on objective criteria, including clearly defined technical parameters. Among others, the origin and characteristics of the building materials used, energy and water consumption, proximity to public transport stops and the impact on biodiversity. The most important environmentally friendly investments implemented by the Group include Olivia Business Center, halls built in cooperation with Prologis and Panattoni.

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