Profile of activity

Profile of activity

The Pekabex Group is a leader in modern system construction in Poland. It provides solutions for the design, production and assembly of facility structures based on the prefabrication technology of reinforced concrete elements, as well as general turnkey construction of facilities and development. Production is carried out in five factories in Poland located in Poznań, Gdańsk, Mszczonów (near Warsaw) and Bielsko Biała, as well as in a factory in Germany with the Bavarian Marktzeuln. The Group has been operating on the Polish and foreign market for 50 years, creating jobs for over 2,100 people and employing highly specialized engineering staff. In July 2015, it successfully debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The goal of the Pekabex Group is to achieve the position of a significant player on the European market. We plan further investments, including both the expansion and modernization of the existing plants, and the consolidation of the market.

We produce traditionally reinforced elements and modern prestressed concrete elements used in large-scale construction (e.g. production halls, warehouses, offices, commercial buildings, stations, parking lots), engineering (e.g. bridges, tunnels), as well as for non-standard projects. We offer a wide range of standard products, as well as execute special orders based on individual projects.

As part of the Group, we also manufacture wall elements that are comprehensively equipped with electrical installations, have installed windows and external window sills, and are also finished with special structural plasters. Elements made in this way do not require additional time and financial outlays related to the execution and finishing of the facade on the construction site. Finishing the inside of the walls requires only painting, embedding internal window sills and mounting sockets and electrical switches.

Pekabex on European markets

As part of the Pekabex Group, we also operate in Germany, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Our German branch provides services for the production of reinforced concrete and prestressed elements that are delivered to the local market.

On the Scandinavian market, we are a supplier of ready-made prefabricated reinforced concrete elements manufactured in Poland, and we assemble prefabricated reinforced concrete structures.

Complex offer

Clients increasingly appreciate innovative and comprehensive solutions, which is why as the Pekabex Group, apart from production activities, we are one of the few entities in the industry that also offers services related to technical consulting, design, transport and assembly of prefabricated elements. We have our own design office employing high-class engineers with international experience and permanently cooperating with several external offices. We provide delivery of prefabricated products to construction sites both in Poland and abroad, and our professional and fully equipped assembly teams are ready to carry out assembly regardless of the season and climatic conditions.

In the Pekabex Group, we also have the following departments: General Contracting and Development, thanks to which we can offer our clients a wide range of services not only in the field of prefabricated structures, but also in the field of other industries, including turnkey delivery and investment offer.

Advantages of prefabrication

Reinforced and prestressed concrete products are structural elements used mainly in large-scale construction (e.g. production halls, warehouses, offices, commercial facilities, stations, parking lots). They are also often used in housing construction in multi-family housing, prefabricated wall elements successfully compete with walls made of wooden construction.

The main advantages of using prefabrication:

  • speed of assembly, realization of projects also at negative temperatures,
  • obtaining large spans of structural elements without the need to support the structure (important, among others, in the case of shopping malls, warehouses, stations),
  • resistance of prefabricated structures to corrosion or fire, making them durable and safe,
  • damping of vibrations and vibrations (appearing, for example, in concert halls, stadiums – the use of prefabricated structures in all types of sports facilities and public gatherings for EURO 2012,
  • lower operating costs compared to, for example, steel structures – the lower cross-section of the roof includes lower heating costs, and greater durability of prefabricated elements eliminate the need for snow removal,
  • high fire resistance,
  • recommended for the food industry,
  • greater resistance to aggressive biological and chemical environments.
Participation in organizations

We actively work for the development of the business, industry and social environment, which is why we are a member of national and international organizations. These cooperation platforms allow us to participate in meetings of specialists, take part in shaping policy and legal regulations in areas important to our business. We believe that our practical experience and the resulting tips for others, as well as member networking, will have a positive impact on the economy.

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