The share of contracts with BREEAM and LEED certificates in the sale of Pekabex increased from 7.8% in 2011 to 24.4% in 2018. Thanks to certification, our clients can boast objects from the highest “green” shelf, which in turn translates into acquiring tenants such as large international groups or investment funds by developers.

In 2019, nearly 20% of Pekabex’s sales were related to projects that have been awarded the British BREEAM certificate and / or American LEED. These are the two most popular global systems for multi-criteria ecological certification of buildings. Obtaining them allows you to call objects sustainable, i.e. having the least negative impact on the environment, because they consume less electricity, heat and water.

– In Poland, ecology often loses with the price. However, this is changing. Customers are becoming more aware – both investors and tenants or end customers. Also from Western Europe and the United States there is a growing business pressure for change – says the president of Pekabex, Robert Jędrzejowski.

Ecology is an increasingly important aspect of the activities of many of our clients, which is why the possibility of cooperation in such projects is important for both parties. From the beginning, we have been trying to present investors with a number of product and process solutions that allow them to operate in the spirit of eco. It is worth leaning over various suggestions to ensure the good of our planet, and in the broader perspective such choices can often also bring financial benefits.

Currently, one of the great challenges we are facing is reducing the environmental impact of the construction market. And so – thanks to the reduced cement consumption in the prefabrication process, CO2 emissions to the environment are reduced by up to 22%; the concrete we produce from can be 100% recycled. The load-bearing capacities of our ceiling elements allow the installation of solar panels without the need for design changes, which we recommend to our customers. We are increasingly talking with our clients about the selection of environmentally friendly solutions and such aspects of prefabricated buildings as: energy saving, heat capacity, thermal and acoustic insulation.

– No need to pay extra for ecology. What is more ecological in the case of prefabrication is not more expensive. The elements are lighter, and thanks to compressed technology, the constructions are very durable. The result of work on a smaller amount of concrete in the structure is not only less CO2 emissions, but also a larger usable area. Ecology is therefore combined with business. You don’t have to pay more to take care of the climate. All you need is awareness and a wise decision – adds Robert Jędrzejowski.


For the construction industry to become more “green”, many participants need to work together. Contractors, by proposing a number of ecological solutions, are not able to implement them without the willingness of investors, and those in turn – tenants. When more and more changes start to appear as a result of conscious choices – environmental issues will become a fact.

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