Pekabex is active on concrete prefabrication market in broad sense. We are the leading Polish manufacturer of prefabricated reinforced and prestressed concrete elements, we are also active in Germany and Scandinavia.

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According to “European Precast Concrete 2013 Factbook” the value of Polish market of prefabricated concrete elements in 2012 has been estimated for approx. 5.5 billions PLN, keeping in mind that it also include the producers of concrete setts, autoclaved concrete blocks, small prefabricated moulds, and producers of prefabricated reinforced and prestressed concrete elements. According to our assessment the value of prefabricated reinforced and prestressed concrete elements market, where Pekabex acts, is approx. 1 billion per year.

Pekabex is a leader of the Polish market in range of income from sale of prefabricated reinforced and prestressed concrete elements. In 2013 the Group income in that area amonted to over 153 millions PLN. The total value of sale realized by the Group only in Poland in 2015 amounted to over 250 millions PLN and including the foreign activity – over 318 millions PLN. In years 2011-2013 the Company has delivered prefabricated elements for over 200 objects in whole Poland.

Pekabex Realizations

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In range of Pekabex Group we also act in Germany, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.
Our German branch offers the services of production of reinforced and prestressed concrete elements delivered to the local market.
On the Scandinavian market we are a supplier of finished prefabricated reinforced concrete elements produced in Poland and we also realize the installation of prefabricated reinforced concrete and steel structures. In 2013 the Pekabex Group income on German market amounted to approx. 28 millions PLN and on the Scandinavian markets raised to over 39 millions PLN.



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