The Pekabex Group is committed to the development of Poland’s social and intellectual capital by supporting the education of young people, participating in scientific conferences and sponsoring educational events.

The Group cooperates with all technical universities in the country, offering them:

  • the possibility of practical training of students during visits to factories and construction sites,
  • presentations and lectures by experts,
  • support in the implementation of master’s and doctoral theses,
  • accepting trainees and apprentices, also from abroad.

Pekabex has been cooperating with the University of Logistics in Poznań for many years, incl. by participating in a dual study program (logistics, production, transport and logistics), organizing study visits and preparing educational materials.

The Group also actively cooperates with the State Construction School in Gdańsk and the Construction Schools in Poznań, co-teaching patron classes.

Since 2014, the Company has organized a competition for the best diploma thesis several times. The winners were awarded cash prizes and paid internships.

Pekabex analyzes and constantly improves the process of introducing new employees to the organization.

Feedback from new employees is obtained during their meetings with the person responsible for employee development. For young people choosing a profession or taking their first professional steps, the Group offers great opportunities for development. It has a staff of the best engineers on the market, whose knowledge and experience can be used during internships and internships.

The Pekabex Group maintains constant contact with secondary schools and universities. Every year, the Group organizes internship programs as well as student and student internships, and the best ones receive an employment offer.

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