Dedicated to high-quality and ecological housing construction, the Pekabex System – Residential Buildings was officially launched on the Polish market in May 2020 with the publication of Technical Catalogs – instructions for architects and contractors.

The creation of the “Pekabex System – Residential Buildings” is the result of several years of cooperation between constructors, architects, production specialists and concrete laboratories with experts from the Pekabex Research and Development Center. The work supported by the experiences carried out in Scandinavia allowed to combine modern construction technologies and functionality with ecological requirements.

Our clients expect to have higher and higher standards met – both set by developers and conscious end users of apartments. The result is innovative products, ready-made structural elements – incl. walls equipped with electrical installation, as well as a ready facade and installed windows and window sills.

High standards of the product – construction elements, have been confirmed by such certification bodies as: KIWA (EC-FPC Certificate AOC-Level 2+), TUV SUD (ISO 9001: 2008 certificate), NordCert or Kontrollradet. Finished apartments meet Polish standards – incl. both in terms of acoustics and thermal insulation. Pekabex structural elements also have the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification.

The Pekabex System – Residential Buildings is based on ready-made structural elements, which are assembled by professional teams of 5-6 people at the construction site (on average, one floor of the block within 4 working days).

Elements manufactured in factory conditions allow for continuous quality control, as well as all-year-round implementation at the construction site. Airtight walls ensure lower heating costs, while short construction time reduces the negative impact on the environment. The ready system means not only a completely new opening in the construction industry, but also paying attention to the ecological aspect, including work on reducing the carbon footprint in construction.


Design and production experience as well as many years of cooperation with construction companies and private investors contributed to the creation by our engineers of the first Polish Halls System.

Very high resistance of prefabricated reinforced concrete roofs to loads:

  • allows to install solar farms on large stretches
  • eliminates the need for snow removal – less work, the facility is cheaper and safer to use
  • reinforced concrete provides excellent fire protection: the prefabricated concrete structure of the roof is much more fireproof than steel structures
  • reinforced concrete heat capacity: does not require heating in winter and cooling in summer
  • reinforced concrete elements suppress noise.

Taking into account also the recycling of structures at the end of their life cycle – prefabricated halls constructions are 100% recyclable products. This process requires relatively little energy, especially compared to steel structures where a huge amount of energy is needed to melt.

What about the environmental costs of manufacturing the structure? When preparing our facilities for BREEAM or LEED certification, we calculate aspects such as transport of raw materials / geographical distribution. Steel imports, the consumption of which in prefabrication is low compared to steel halls, makes a huge difference to imports (only steel parts in the structure vs. the whole structure), as most of the steel in Europe comes from China. This carbon footprint counts very much from the cradle!


Traditional (monolithic) construction or the use of prefabricated elements? We have calculated the carbon footprint of a given office building, if modular ceilings are built of prefabricated elements – we present the calculations to our clients during the meetings.

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