The JA_SIELSKA estate is a housing offer for people who want to live more consciously in the surrounding space, in accordance with the motto “Live consciously”.

JA_SIELSKA is built entirely of modern modular prefabricated concrete elements. This is the first such solution in Poland, and at the same time an example of the “Pekabex System – Residential Buildings”. The investment consists of six five-storey residential buildings with a spacious underground garage hall, it was built in two stages, has 168 apartments. You find there high quality of the elements produced in the plant – impossible to achieve using traditional technology, the walls are much more durable and provide better thermal and acoustic insulation. Three-layer façade and corridor walls allow to reduce the costs of maintaining and operating buildings. The use of prefabrication can shorten the implementation time by up to 50%: the second stage of the JA_SIELSKA estate was built in just 10 months thanks to our highly specialized assembly teams.

In the case of Pekabex development projects, care for sustainable development is a priority at every stage of the investment. Starting from the programming and concept phase, various pro-ecological and social integration solutions are analyzed. JA_SIELSKA, like any other Pekabex development project, is friendly to cyclists – it provides not only safe parking spaces, but also infrastructure for inspections and repairs. The relaxation and play zones are not only a playground for children, but also spaces for the development of creativity and environmental education, including learning about nature by the youngest residents. Separate zones for loud games, social integration and quiet relaxation make every resident find something suitable. All play and recreation spaces are car-free. Pekabex has made every effort to ensure that the JA_SIELSKA estate performs an educational function. The most important features:

  • Energy-efficient lighting in common areas
  • Appropriate layout of the rooms; division of flats into day and night zones, high energy-saving windows, providing a home office space
  • Caring for waste segregation on the estate,
  • Eco-mobility – stands and rooms for bicycles, bicycle stations, electric car chargers, limited vehicle traffic (garage hall)
  • Biophilia – appropriate land development, placemaking

An ecological “User Manual” has been prepared for the residents in order to suggest how to maximize the potential of apartments, while actively participating in environmental protection.


We care about the health of the inhabitants (healthy ground, mechanical ventilation with recuperation and filters, Soffio wall heating, passive protection against heating) and maintenance for little money (thick insulation , Master Switch, photovoltaics, etc.). Our developer houses are investments that can be easily controlled from anywhere in the world.

A guarantee of up to 50% lower heating costs and energy savings thanks to thicker than standard layers of insulation, warmer windows, garage doors and gates (they meet the strict technical conditions that have only just come into force) and a compact body of the building.

The use of massive precast concrete guarantees high heat accumulation. The excellent energy efficiency is also influenced by: heat recovery through recuperation, the use of underfloor heating, a wall heating system that requires only a dozen liters of water in the heating circuit, ready infrastructure for the installation of photovoltaic panels, Master Switch of the electrical installation, turning off unnecessary receivers throughout the house with a single button and three-layer wall with a concrete facade. Advanced mechanical ventilation ensures perfect air flow in all rooms all year round without opening the windows. It should be remembered that the most heat loss is usually caused by ventilation. In our buildings, when the residents leave – the ventilation is off. Thanks to recuperation, the cold air is heated by the warm air removed from the building. The houses from the investment in Józefosław also have an integrated passive protection against overheating of the building in the summer.


In 2020, Pekabex was the finalist of the “Product in circulation” competition of the Ministry of Climate. This competition appreciated the Pekabex System – Residential Buildings, which fits in with the idea of ​​”promoting and disseminating achievements in the field of ecological, sustainable design and the use of innovative solutions in the field of product reintegration for circulation”.

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