1342020Pekabex1332020Pekabex1362020Pekabex1352020Pekabex “EC-FPC Certificate AoC- level 2+” – (Factory Production Control – authorization for marking products with CE sign) - certificate no.: 0620-CPR-49355/03 – certification body: Kiwa N.V.


The "Factory Production Control" certificate is the confirmation of the notified body (KIWA Netherlands) that the FPC system has been verified and fulfils the requirements of decree of European Parliament and Council No. 305/2011 from 09.03.2011, which means that Pekabex as a producer of the building elements fulfils the basic requirements in range of production according to FPC procedures, i.e. has the internal documentation which was and is necessary for obtaining the mandatory FPC certificate and fulfils the requirements in range of organization, technique, and production technology, and maintains the required records resulting from that documentation and tests of own production, controlled and supervised by the notified body in range of valid regulations and requirements for producers of the building materials in European Union. Moreover this certificate authorizes the producer to mark their products with CE sign (European conformity), i.e. to sell the products in the whole European Union.


“ISO 9001:2008” - certificate no.: 1210026371/01 TMS – certification body: TÜV SÜD


The "Quality Management System" certificate confirmed by the accredited bodies (TÜV SÜD, Germany), based upon the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 requirements, confirms that Pekabex has QMS documentation (procedures, instructions, defined organization and production processes), maintains appropriate records resulting from the documentation, and fulfils the requirements in range of technology, technique, and production organization, including designing of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements, which results from the certificate of conformity of QMS with ISO 9001:2008 standard and the certification audit performed by the authorized body.


Certificate of Conformity with German standard DIN 1045-1:2008-08" - cetificate no.: 1247.1.1130 -1 – certification body: Güteshutz Beton Nordrhein-Westfalen Beton- und Fertigtilwerke e.V.


The certificate confirming the conformity of Pekabex production with requirements of German standard DIN 1045, issued by accredited German company (Güteshutz Beton Nordrhein-Westfalen Beton- und Fertigtilwerke e.V.), confirms that Pekabex production conforms to §25 Section 2 No. 2 of the Building Law of North Rhine-Westphalia "bearing prefabricated concrete and reinforced concrete elements with subgroup: finished large-format parts for building, civil engineering, and bridges - products group 6.1.1 - according to the factory production control and control by Güteshutz Beton Nordrhein-Westfalen Beton- und Fertigtilwerke e.V. upon the basis of published list of building regulations A part 1 (edition 2009/2) fulfils the technical principles of DIN 1045-1:2008-08. The producer receives right to mark their products with the conformity symbol according to Building Law and Building Regulations for Building Engineering (BauPAVO NRW).


Certificate of conformity with requirements of EN 13369 standard - NORDCERT no. 2155 – certification body Nordcert from Sweden


The certificate confirms fulfilling of requirements of EN 13369 standard in range of production of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements and the additional requirements - special, defined in appendices to the Nordcert auditing system - conforming to the Swedish regulations.


Certificate no. PROD-067 from the notified body Kontrollradet from Norway


The certificate confirms that Pekabex fulfils requirements in range of NS-EN 13369 : 2004/A1 standard with the appendix for Norwegian requirements for production of the prefabricated reinforced concrete elements.


Certificate no. 1111 – CPD – 0543 from the notified body Kontrollradet from Norway


The Norwegian certificate no. 1111 – CPD – 0543 refers to fulfilment of requirements of EU Directive withdrawn in 30.06.2013 and replaced by the Decree of European Parliament and Council (EU) no. 305/2011 from 09.03.2011.


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