In Gdansk-Kokoszki, within the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone, the construction of the fifth, modern prefabrication plant is underway, in which a fully automated production line for filigree-type prefabricated elements is being built. The reinforced concrete structure of the plant, manufactured by Pekabex, is already standing, the whole building is now almost closed.

In Kokoszki, Pekabex Group will produce filigree-type ceilings and walls made of double filigree, whose maximum dimensions are 10m long, 3.6m high and their thickness will range from 180 to 400mm. These are structural elements used, among others, for modular housing construction. They are also ideal for engineering construction, for building parking lots, retaining walls, excavation walls, as well as during construction at the border of the existing building. The walls will be produced in two types - 2F, i.e. double filigree and 2FI, i.e. double filigree with insulation.

The advantages of our new products undoubtedly include:

  • low weight,
  • reduce the time needed to make slabs on site,
  • any shape of ceiling and slab shape is possible,
  • no need for plastering on site,
  • simple and quick installation,
  • high quality.

- The value of the entire investment is nearly PLN 65 million, and the expenses incurred at the end of the first quarter of 2019 amounted to over PLN 16 million. The new plant will be used for fully automated production of filigree-tyoe ceilings and double filigree walls, which is a pioneering undertaking on the Polish market. The target production capacity will amount to approx. 500,000 m2 of finished product per year - says Robert Jędrzejowski, President of the Management Board of Pekabex S.A.