Łukasz Majchrzak, Deputy Head of the Design Department answers this question for us in an interview.

In recent days we have seen how fast the construction of the first Ja_Sielska building is growing, what does it consist of?

The structure together with the underground garage was designed mainly with prefabricated elements. The underground part is a column and beam system with filling walls and HC slab ceilings. The residential part is a mixture of one- and three-layer walls constituting the main structural system.

From the outside we can see mainly walls with windows, mounted with a crane

External walls are three-layer elements with a fully finished façade layer, produced inside the factory. The façade is covered with silicate paint, and the joints between the parts imitating wood are filled with silicone. The installation of windows and the insertion of electrical accessories at the stage of production allowed for a significant reduction of finishing works at the construction site.

What other finished elements have arrived at the construction site?

Compressed slabs for the ceilings of the building, which are also equipped with electrical junction boxes. The hooks installed in them, on which you can hang lamps directly, make the interior design not requiring additional work in the finished apartment.

Stair gears and stairs are also prefabricated elements, produced in our Gdańsk plant. Damping of vibrations and noise reduction in traffic routes are guaranteed by bi-trapezoidal sleepers used during the assembly of the above mentioned elements.


All of you interested in the assembly process at the construction site are welcome to visit Jasielska Street 9!